Voxel-Based, Reconfigurable & Load-Bearing Masonry System with 3D-Printed Sand


Principal Design
Orbital Reef, a joint venture by Sierra Space and Blue Origin.

Design Consultant
Hassell - led by Xavier de Kestelier


Visualisations (Interior)
Imigo - Agnete Jukneviciute

*all imagery courtesy of Orbital Reef.
Orbital Reef is a groundbreaking venture that represents the first commercially owned and operated space station in low-Earth orbit. Slated to commence operation by the end of the decade, this joint project led by Sierra Space Corporation and Blue Origin serves as a mixed-use

In an innovative spatial exploration for the Orbital Reef, the traditional orientation plane of the International Space Station was examined in relation to a cylindrical form, a strategy that yields more space. This examination extended to the rethinking of typically overlooked or unused spaces, adding layers of functionality and redundancy. By focusing on spatial dynamics and functional optimization, the design adds value to the Orbital Reef Station, facilitating not only survival but thriving in the space environment.

Unless otherwise stated, all image & video courtesy of OZRUH Limited, a company registered in England & Wales - CRN:  12287651