2020 | Studio Marguerite Humeau | Fabricated
Design Principal: Marguerite Humeau
Computational Design Consultancy: OZRUH

For this project OZRUH acted as the main computational design consultant, for which the complexity of the sculptures required to frequently switch between NURBS and Mesh Modelling to use each of them for their stronger features. Due to material and size constraints constant revisions were required through voxel-based optimisations to achieve the optimum and adaptive surface thicknesses.

 Looking at how global warming is causing the extinction of other species in parallel to the world’s slow motion destruction, the collection of designed objects represent a hypothetical transformation of extinct bird species into industrial waste. Our contribution to the exhibition was the three-dimensional designing of the birds (Dove, Frigate, Pelican) within the larger scope of animals.
(All imagery are courtesy of Studio Marguerite Humeau + C L E A R I N G gallery.) 

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