Seoul, South Korea | 2020 | Koo Jeong A | Built 
Design Principal: Koo Jeong A 
Computational Design Consultant: OZRUH 

OZRUH has given computational design consultancy for this project at the early conceptual stage, working directly with the principal designer Koo Jeong A. The geometry of the skatepark required careful NURBS modelling in Rhino and Grasshopper which was later optimised in HoudiniFX through mesh voxelisation. The hybridity of NURBS and Voxel approach allows both the precision and the surface smoothness required for the ideal use for the skaters.
"Both an artwork and a facility open to skateboarders, the skatepark installation will provide an interactive experience as it bridges between a subculture—skateboard culture—and mainstream culture—fine arts." (PKM Gallery, 2020) 

(All imagery are courtesy of PKM Gallery)

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