Milan, Italy | 2019 | Koo Jeong A | Built
Design Principal: Koo Jeong A
Computational Design Consultant: OZRUH
The project required surface optimisation prior to the construction stage for which OZRUH rebuilt the NURBS surface as well as converting to a mesh for further surface smoothening. In doing so blending steps into the overall surface was a high priority and achieved through bespoke surface lofting techniques.

For the galleries on the ground floor of la Triennale in Milan, the project seeks to create new type of experiences for the museum, hence a potential for new visitors. With the use of a skatepark, a clear message on how art should reach a broader meaning and audience is intended through the relationship of playing with the notion of engagement
(All imagery are courtesy of Triennale Milano, photos by Gianluca di Ioia) 

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