The project proposes an asteroid colonisation scenario with the promise of current technological development on agent-based additive manufacturing technologies. Relying on in-situ material re-utilisation concepts which has been an interest for both NASA and ESA, I propose termite-like agent robots that carve out the asteroid and process the material for volumetric expansion whereby articulation of different systems – a protective exterior skin, structural interior shell, artificial gravity / von Braun wheels that accommodate daily habitation and a station that connects the wheels - are hosted. These robots can be delivered with SpaceX's Uncrewed Starship and accompanied by chargers which stay on the surface of the asteroid to receive maximum sunlight to power the termite robots who first carve and then print. A given charger can charge multiple agents.
The choice of asteroids are Trojans which relative to Jupiter, liberates around one of Jupiter’s two stable Lagrange points. This way environmental conditions are more stable on the asteroid as a building site. Despite the significant distance there is between Trojans and planet Earth, the in-situ material reutilisation aims for minimum material transport from Earth. Nevertheless, the proposition overall is a hybrid, which on the one hand speculates on emergent architectural scenarios such as what is mentioned above as an agent-based scenario, but on the other hand accommodates mechanical aspects such as the artificial gravity rings which dates back to examples such as the Von Braun Wheel. Furthermore the circulatory interface inside the asteroid has also similar architectural language due to programmatic needs.
Overall, as a system of different layers and technologies, the project is above anything a hybrid between the speculations of the past and potentials of the future. As different nations get more interested in seeking the material value of asteroids to enrich their own economy, this project speculates that such value could rather be used in-situ to expand human life beyond Earth.


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