Established in 2019 in London, OZRUH is deeply inspired by the principles of evolution and diversity in nature, driving us to venture beyond the traditional confines of manual and analog human creativity. Our pursuit is aimed at harnessing the intrinsic diversity and richness offered by nature's evolutionary processes, proposing an architectural ethos that is pluralistic rather than idealistic.

Our design philosophy embraces the entropic nature of our universe. Moving away from the closed-ended silhouettes characteristic of historical architecture, which often relied on straightforward geometrical forms, we focus on creating structures that are anti-fragile, adaptable, and open-ended. This approach signifies a departure from the fragilities associated with the entropy of historical architectures to an open-ended methodology that extracts value from disorder and randomness. Thus, architecture can move beyond the binary state of being complete or incomplete to an adaptive state, characterized by incremental progressions of growth, aging, or reconfiguration.

To achieve this vision, we place rigorous experimentation and creative innovation at the core of our methodologies. From algorithmic design to industrial-scale 3D printing, our extensive skill set enables the creation of advanced objects and systems within architectural design. Ranging from furniture to buildings, these entities exist both in the physical and digital realms, on Earth and in outer space. A shared emphasis in all our work is on sustainable scalability, driving us to focus intently on expanding the creative possibilities of any given material, whether physical, like sand, or digital, like voxels.


Levent OZRUH
MA (Hons), MArch (Dist)

Levent studied architecture at the University of Edinburgh, the Bartlett - UCL, and the AA. Having worked for Carlo Ratti, MIT Senseable City Lab and Coop Himmelb(l)au, he developed a diversity of interests in architecture under the overarching umbrella of using technology to bring together a divergent understanding of novel form and space.


OZRUH, in collaboration with the Architectural Association, presents the AAVS Moonshot program. This initiative is designed to infuse architecture students with entrepreneurial thinking, taking cues from the dynamic innovation found in the Second Space Age. Students are prompted to explore beyond conventional architectural frameworks, considering the interplay of socio-cultural dynamics, artificial intelligence, and off-world contexts. The goal is to cultivate architects who are not only design thinkers, but also innovators and disruptors, actively shaping the future of the industry.

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