2021 - Present
Initiated as a divergent design family of nightstands fabricated with industrial sand 3D-printing technology, PRIMITIVES [1] is a growing collection of novel exploration of controlling erosion to create voxel-based shell geometries that result as sculptural furniture.

2022 - Present
PRIMITIVES [2] offers novel structural assembly using uniquely formed 3D-printed sand bricks, creating antifragility towards unplanned change through open-ended design optionality. This approach allows dynamic, adaptable structures, contrasting traditional methods.


L.I.F.E. Habitat is part of the commercial space station project Orbital Reef, a joint venture between Sierra Space and Blue Origin.
Orbital Reef, a collaboration between Sierra Space and Blue Origin, marks a new phase in space architecture. Located in low-Earth orbit, this station merges commerce, research, and tourism in a carefully planned LIFE Habitat. It introduces innovations like space maximization and added functionality in previously unused areas. Orbital Reef symbolizes adaptability and life beyond Earth.

2018 - 2019

Levent’s MArch graduation project developed at the Bartlett, UCL.
This project introduces a procedural approach to creating settlements on asteroids of various sizes and compositions. Using termite-like robots and additive manufacturing, it creates protective habitats with structural interiors near Jupiter's stable points. The method combines past visions with promising innovations, offering a flexible, self-sustaining way to align with space agencies' material reutilization goals.

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